Welcome to the Caribbean portal of the international charity known as Caring for Ex-Offenders (CFEO).

In about 1985, the Alpha course was first run in a prison in the United Kingdom. Following the launch of Alpha for Prisons (AfP) in 1995, the use of the AfP course has spread and Alpha is now running in the prisons of over 74 countries around the world.

CFEO began its work in 1997 to help Christian ex-prisoners build a new life upon release in the UK. Its unique re-entry model is in use in several countries worldwide. Its main work is to link offenders with churches willing to care for them upon release.

International experience has shown that the rate of re-offending is reduced dramatically for ex-offenders who receive support from faith communities, thereby promoting safer societies.

In Trinidad and Tobago, CFEO was registered in 2009. Since then, it has collaborated with other civil society organisations and with the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service to train churches and community-based groups in assisting offenders, ex-offenders and their respective families.


Member of The International Network of Prison Ministries



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