Caring for Ex-Offenders (CFEO) provides ex-offenders with aftercare assistance by linking them with volunteer mentors; supportive churches; housing options; employment options; State and local government agencies, among other service providers.

The CFEO office identifies, trains and supports a pool of volunteers involved in the preparation of offenders for re-entry to free society.

Much of our initial work involved running the holistic “Learning for Life” programme with young offenders at the Youth Training Centre (since 2009) and training the staff of St. Michael’s School for Boys to run similar programmes for the lads there (since 2010).

There are 3 modules which comprise a cycle of the “Learning for Life” programme which is conducted at the Youth Training Centre (now the Youth Transformation and Rehabilitation Centre). These modules are (1) Youth Alpha, (2) Freedom Within and (3) Preparing for Purpose. Each cycle runs approximately 10 months and concludes with a formal Graduation Exercise and Family Day for up to 50 lads and their relatives.

When the staff at St. Michael’s School for Boys ran the programme, they used the modules Youth Alpha and Freedom Within and thereafter streamed the lads who graduated from those modules into their Preparation for Leaving course.

Some of the topics included in our “Learning for Life” programme include moral/spiritual literacy, remedial reading, emotional literacy, job preparation, anger management, victim impact and other pre-release modules.

CFEO also works in conjunction with other NGOs to provide training to faith-based, community-based and other organisations to deliver effective care and support to offenders, ex-offenders and their respective families.

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